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    Monthly Archives: September 2013

    Easements – What Are They and Do I Have One?

    An easement is a non-exclusive right to use of the property of another. The most common is the right to cross someone’s land to gain access to yours, but the easement may be for a pipeline, view, solar, landscaping, etc. An easement is required to be in writing to be effective and is recorded...

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    California Homeowner Bill of Rights

    According to the Center for Responsible Lending, over the last five years “California has led the nation in foreclosures, with more than 785,000 homes lost, and another half-million already in the foreclosure process.” As of January 1, 2013, California homeowners may benefit from a new l...

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    Mixing (Small) Business With Pleasure: The Alter Ego Doctrine

    One of the most important reasons for selecting a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) as a business entity is personal asset protection for the small business owner. Unlike a sole proprietor who has unlimited personal liability for the obligations of his/her business, the law sees corpora...

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