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    Monthly Archives: October 2013

    California’s New LLC Law Could Cause Serious Problems for California Businesses

    Last year, Senate Bill 323 was signed into California law by Governor Jerry Brown. This bill has been designated as the California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (RULLCA). On January 1, 2014, the RULLCA is set to replace the Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act, which has gove...

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    Is It Time To Tune-up Your Estate Plan?

    Every year you probably service your vehicle and see your doctor for your annual checkup, but do you ever give any thought to your estate plan? Just as your car needs attention to run smoothly, and your health needs to be maintained, your estate plan needs periodic review to ensure your family is pr...

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    Two New Disclosure Requirements for California Commercial Real Estate Landlords or Owners

    California commercial real estate has stringent requirements when it comes to disclosing the facts about commercial property prior to entering into a contract to lease the property. It is important for California commercial real estate landlords to be aware of two new mandatory disclosures for comme...

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    Don’t Be Left in the Shadows: Understand the Law Surrounding the Use of Solar Panels

    Solar Power Laws It can be said that there are only two things in life you can count on: death and taxes. I’d like to add a third thing to that list: rising electrical rates. The cost of electricity has risen steadily over the last decade and according to SmartestEnergy, a buyer and supplier o...

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    What Do You Do If Continued Co-Ownership of Real Property Is No Longer Liable?

    Co-Ownership of Real Property When two people are married and one of the spouses wants to end the marital relationship the process of divorce allows him/her to do so. California has a similar process that allows co-owners of real property who are not married to each other to end their co-owner relat...

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    The Magic of Mediation

    Disputes between two parties are no good. However, it is one of the reasons to hire a good attorney. Daily, we discuss a new matter with one of our existing clients or a new client which focuses on a dispute. There are two courses of action a dispute can take: fight to the death or resolve it early....

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    Eminent Domain and High Speed Rail

    With so much coverage regarding High Speed Rail and how California’s largest public works project in decades will affect the taking of privately owned property, the doctrine of eminent domain has become a hot topic. For instance, here in the Central Valley, it has been reported that as many as...

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