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    • Real Estate

      “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of this stuff.” – Will Rogers. Real estate law is the heart of our firm.

    • Wills, Trusts and Probate

      In order to preserve an estate from unnecessary costs of court administration or long legal battles over the distribution of assets, clear and concise written directives should be in place as part of an Estate Plan.

    • Bankruptcy

      As you probably know, debt is among the top concerns of many American families and small business owners. It may even be one of yours. “Will my family’s mounting debt result in bankruptcy?” “What happens if our house goes into foreclosure?”

    • Family Law

      Family law disputes are often the most hotly contested and emotionally traumatic issues an individual will ever have to deal with. Our attorneys will provide compassionate, attentive family law representation that will put the best interest of you and your children first.

    California’s New LLC Law Could Cause Serious Problems for California Businesses

    Last year, Senate Bill 323 was signed into California law by Governor Jerry Brown. This bill has been designated as the California Revised Uniform Lim...

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    Is It Time To Tune-up Your Estate Plan?

    Every year you probably service your vehicle and see your doctor for your annual checkup, but do you ever give any thought to your estate plan? Just a...

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    Two New Disclosure Requirements for California Commercial Real Estate Landlords or Owners

    California commercial real estate has stringent requirements when it comes to disclosing the facts about commercial property prior to entering into a...

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    website2Pascuzzi, Pascuzzi & Stoker

    Pascuzzi, Pascuzzi & Stoker is a boutique law firm located in Fresno, California. We represent clients in both routine and complex legal matters throughout California. Founded in 1990, we have grown to seven lawyers in six practice areas: Real Estate, Estate Planning, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law and Litigation. We are committed to providing quality, cost-effective legal representation in a setting where everyone in the firm recognizes that the client is our most important asset.

    Compassionate Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

    We understand the emotional and psychological toll that personal family law issues can have on our clients, which is why our Fresno divorce attorneys are dedicated to being an ally you can trust during this difficult time. Our divorce and family law attorneys strive to provide the support you need with compassionate, confidential and detail-oriented representation. We are dedicated to pursuing the outcome that is in our client’s best interest while protecting families and striving to maintain amicable relationships between parties when possible.

    Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys

    We have helped many Fresno area clients get out from beneath suffocating debt with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The anxiety associated with an ever worsening financial situation can be overwhelming, and our bankruptcy attorneys are proud to provide the bankruptcy representation our clients need to restore their peace of mind. We offer candid, confidential bankruptcy guidance, and will assist in identifying the bankruptcy options that are best for your Fresno family. Our client’s best interests are our top priority, and if there is a better debt relief option that can help you avoid bankruptcy we will help you pursue it.

    Veteran Real Estate Attorneys

    Senior partner Harry Pascuzzi initially founded the firm in 1990, with a focus on business and real estate issues. Over the past decades the Fresno real estate attorneys at our firm have developed a wealth of knowledge on legal issues surrounding real estate transactions and ownership in California. Our clients benefit from this in-depth knowledge and our good reputation with local Fresno officials, judges and attorneys. Regardless of the complexity of your issue you can rely on a real estate attorney from our firm to provide relevant, candid and experienced guidance.

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